Our mission

Preparation for participation in the Bologna Process, implementation of recognition systems  between Middle East institutions and EU partners.

•Preparation for the contribution of internationalisation to the strategic development of the partner institutions at a medium and long term

• Publication of specific guidelines and handbooks on 5 distinctive areas in the field of the main pillars (in English, Hebrew and Arab).

•The management of  quality control mechanisms for internationalisation. University horizontal visibility within the institution and vertical visibility out of the institution.

•Expertise in the management of EU funded projects and EHEA initiatives.

•Creation of a specific web page for the project with dissemination of results.

•Internships of 2 weeks in the International Relation Offices of the Consortium members.

•Development of a steering group specialists in ECTS, DS and Bologna process in the Middle East region.

•Pilot project  for the implementation of ECTS in one or more units at each institution.